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In a complex economic context, we wanted to offer our expertise to the benefit of as many people as possible. We brought together our ecosystem and after several days of reflection we created a free tool allowing each member of a team (collaborator or manager) to document his or her daily roadmap and share feedback easily and quickly from a smartphone application.

Anywhere at work offers a better visibility on the progress of each team member’s missions and allows to improve project-management “from anywhere” for more productivity and a more efficient management.

Anywhere at work is suitable for companies and administrations of all fields of activity.

Because we believe that “less is more”, Anywhere at work is a free, simple, intuitive application with no superfluous functionalities.


Anywhere at work is not intended to compete with the essential collaborative work tools available on the market, but to be simple and intuitive to answer 2 questions: what does my team do? Does it have difficulties? It also allows you to exchange messages for greater responsiveness.

Developed in record time, the Anywhere at work application is available on any mobile device supporting IOS/ANDROID.

We would like to thank the many people involved in this project and look forward to hearing your feedback on the @AnywhereAtWork social networks.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Have a good telecommuting!

the MomentUp Team